Working Out At Home vs Gym

There are many reasons why some of us choose to workout from home, be it in a garage or a basement or a spare room.

One thing that is always debated is whether there are certain disadvantages of that compared to working out at the gym.

Some people are incredibly stubborn about this matter, but I feel that we need to be more objective to really discuss the pros and cons of each.

Is one or the other superior? Is there a case for one being better than the other in certain situations?

Let’s get down to the real talk.

Reasons To Workout At Home Or The Gym

Choosing to workout at the gym is the choice of most people, there’s no getting around that fact. However, there is a growing number of people who prefer to exercise at home totally alone or with a select few friends.

There are a lot of good reasons for both sides, with no one person doing it for all the same reasons, you can check them out below.

Reasons why people workout at the gym:

  • Access to personal trainers
  • More choice of equipment
  • More affordable short-term
  • No room to workout at home
  • Wanting to workout with friends
  • Finding it easier to stay accountable
  • To show off

Everyone at a commercial gym is doing it for one or more of these reasons, perhaps more.

Reasons why people workout at home:

  • More affordable long-term
  • Easier to workout whenever you like
  • No gym nearby
  • Mental health reasons
  • Finding it easier to workout with the intensity you like
  • Not wanting to be judged
  • Owning whatever equipment you like

Pros and Cons

When you look at the reasons people choose to workout where they do, you can see that there are plenty of pros and cons for each side. While a commercial gym may have more equipment, it may also lack the exact equipment you like.

A home gym may give you the opportunity to build the gym of your dreams, but the costs involved can also hold you back from having access to all the equipment you need whenever you need it. In essence choosing one over the other is a trade-off decision we all have to make.

Problems With Commercial Gyms

Some commercial gyms are great, in fact, some commercial gyms are little more than large warehouses which have been built by guys who used to workout of their garage.

On the flipside, you get commercial gyms where they don’t allow you to deadlift, squat or do any form of Olympic lifts.

Chalk isn’t usually allowed in the big chains of gyms, and also there are a lot of gyms which have very limited equipment for weightlifters.

So while there are a lot of great commercial gyms, the odds of there being a really great one in your area is slim. Even when there are great places in areas near you, there is often a waiting list due to how popular bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, and strongman are today. Bodybuilding at home and finding the perfect power rack, and various equipment for yourself has a lot of appeal to a lot of people which is why this site is even a thing in the first place!

Problems With Home Gyms

Regardless of what some people say about home gyms, the main issue comes down to the expense.

Home gyms are expensive, and even a modest setup is going to cost you around $1,500 if you’re buying everything from new. Even silly little things can become important for maintaining your home gym such as good flooring / flooring protection.

This upfront cost is more than a lot of commercial gyms charge you for the year, and with less equipment than most decent gyms.

That being said, you don’t need loads of equipment to make amazing progress and in the long-term, you will save yourself a lot of money.

Working out from home is a great thing, and obviously here on the site we prefer it, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be downsides.

The Benefits Of A Home Gym

There are numerous pros of a home gym, but the biggest one is that it offers flexibility.

If you’re someone that prefers privacy, that’s something you can have… If you want a dip station it’s your choice whether you have it.

The freedom of working out at home is what makes it so appealing to so many… No waiting for the bench, no creepy guys, no worries if you make crazy-person noises when you’re working out at the intensity you want.

Over time this enables you to workout more often, get your workouts done quicker, workout harder than a commercial gym might allow and so on.

In the long-term, we believe that a home gym is a superior option if you’re talking about getting the best results… Even in our chest exercises for mass program we identified an exercise that’s vital for full chest development that you rarely see done in commercial gyms due to the funny looks you get.

The Pros Of A Commercial Gym

The main benefit of a commercial gym is that they are inexpensive to get started in. You can pay very little to have 24/7 access to some gyms, which offers a kind of flexibility in itself.

Another big benefit is that you can meet like-minded people if that’s something you’re interested in. This can help you with your goals as well as potentially developing friendships.

Most people who go to a commercial gym have the option to visit any gym they like, and this means you can always change the gym if you want to… This is often used to overcome the fact that not all gyms cater for exactly what you want.

The Final Rep

In conclusion, we think there’s plenty of good reasons for working out either at home or from a gym.

But when it comes to what is better, it depends on your goals or the way you look at it.

From a financial standpoint arguments can be made for both, but a home gym is more affordable in the long-term.

From the goal standpoint, the freedom of working out from home in a garage, for example, allows you to achieve your goals far easier.

What will make or break your success isn’t where you go to workout, it’s about the consistency and the effort.

What do you think about working out at home vs the gym? Let us know in the comments!