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Ideally, we’d all be able to use natural lighting for our gyms, but it’s just not possible all of the time. In some spaces such as long garages with no windows, it isn’t possible at all.

Not having a well-lit gym can be a sure way to make your training more difficult and less enjoyable. Yet lighting is often overlooked as being a crucial part of building a great gym. Lighting your home gym isn’t actually as difficult as it first seems though.

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In this article, we will be going over some of the things you need to know about gym lighting. We will also be showing you some ideas, fixtures, and different types of lights for good measure.

TOP 3 Best Gym Lighting Picks:

These are some of our top picks for home/garage gym lighting and gym light fixtures.

Best Gym Lighting Featured Image

Tanbaby LED Tribright Garage Light

One of the best options for gym lighting are tribright lights such as this one as they offer overhead lighting with good coverage.

With it’s 3 adjustable aluminum LED lights of 2000 lumens each, it total 6000 lumens which blows away a lot of other options without going to extremes.

The ability to adjust the direction of these wide-angled lights is also a very useful feature for gym owners. It’s easy to setup with any traditional light fixture as you just screw it into your light fitting. So no extra wiring.

For an overhead light, you typically want a 5000k or 6000k light color to be in the natural light range. This is a 6000k which means it gives you natural light. So for an overhead fixture that you just have to screw in it offers you a lot of what you’d want for a gym light.

Lastly, it’s only 60w which is a tiny 20w per light. What’s better is that they come with a 2 year free replacement guarantee based on the strength of their belief in the 50,000 hour lifespan on the lights.

LED Garage Light Tanbaby Garage Light LED Light E26/E27 Garage Lights Ceiling LED Shop Light 60W Deformable LED Adjustable Light Garage Lighting Garage Light Bulb for Garage, Working Light (NO Sensor)
  • ✔【Super ULTRA Bright LED Garage Lights】- With 3 ultra-bright adjustable aluminum LED heads,easy to adjust, way brighter than a standard bulb. It features LED technology with 3*48 PCS top quality diodes that total 6000 lumens ,CRI80+, 6000K tripp-leglow daylight can give you 85% energy saving for your garage.
  • ✔【Adjustable Design Bright Garage Light】- Unique wide-angle LED Garage Light design, each wing 90 degree adjustable, which can have a perfect garage lighting distribution curve according to your application, this will make the light cover 360° area.
  • ✔【Work Shop Light Easy to install, No Wiring Required】- Suitable for E26/E27 base, installation is as simple as a light bulb, but more advanced then a bulb.The light can be easily and quickly directed in many directions. Advanced cooling system, the die-cast aluminum design speeds up heat dissipation and Unique cooling system design under each lamp bead.
  • ✔【Durable & Long Service Life 60W LED Garage Light Bulb】- This 60W Shop Light have upgraded aluminum fins for cooling, stable and durable under maximum performance, over 50,000 hours of constant runtime makes the maintenance cost sharply cut down.
  • ✔【What You Get】Tanbaby has standard ETL listed meets North American safety standards. Tanbaby's firendly customer se-rvice and co-mit-ment within 24-month.♥① Don’t touch the panel while it is working, it will hurt you.♥②Pls look for our aviation aluminum panel material, some seller use low quality plastic panel is not safe for you.

Lithonia 48-Inch LED Wraparound

Each light has an output of 2,380 lumens in the 4-foot model, so if you have a double garage you might need multiple. That said the slightly larger size will give you good coverage.

The bulb itself is only 41W which is also a plus for those worried about running costs of multiple large lights. With a 4000k bright white light this overhead light is close to natural lighting.

As an LED wraparound it offers a great stylistic alternative to traditional fluorescent lights that people tend to favor in gym setups.

Lithonia Lighting FMLWL 48-Inch 840 Contractor Select 4-Foot Flushmount LED Wrap Ceiling Light for Garage| Home| Basement| 2900 Lumens, 120 Volts, 41 Watts, Damp Listed, Bright
  • Super Bright Lights - total of 2900 Lumens
  • Reduces Re-lamp frequence: LEDS maintain 70% of ouput for at least 50,000 hours (17 years with 8 hours/day 365 days/year)
  • Saves Money - LEDs are Energy Star Rated to save money on electricity bills and possible rebates
  • Easy Installation makes it perfect for hallways, stairwells, offices, garages and any other locations where ambient light is needed
  • Meets Safety Standard for UL in USA, Canada and Damp locations and includes 5 year limited warranty

Bellanny UFO LED High Bay Light

What about the nuclear option for huge spaces? Well, this insanely bright 20,000 lumen LED light was designed for large warehouses.

Bellanny sells models ranging from 50w to 500w. This model is the 200w model so a good mid-range. It uses a bracket mount design which means you can rig it to the ceiling, walls or equipment.

5PCS 200W UFO LED High Bay Light,Bellanny Factory Warehouse Industrial Lighting 20000 LM 6000-6500K IP65 Waterproof LED Lights- Commercial Bay Lighting Low lamp Shop Area Garage Gym Light
  • ★【Super Bright & 80% Energy saving】200W 20000LM Energy saving 80%, the 120 degree beam angle on this powerful high bay LED light.
  • ★【Easy to Install】Bracket Mount Design make easier installation,ultra-thin light body,save space; You can install it on the ceiling, walls, ground or other locations by adjusting the different angles.
  • ★【Safety & IP65 waterproof 】 High quality insulated cables, Bold material, can pass more current, good for protection driver. Our IP65 waterproof light ensures that your led outdoor flood light won't give in to the elements.
  • ★【50,000+ Hours lifespan】Die-casting aluminum heat sinker and has an excellent heat-resistant driver that ensures continuous and stable lighting for estimated 50,000+ operating hours.
  • ★【No flicker & Widely used】No flicker, no dark,Suitable for outdoor lighting, garages, warehouses, basements, high shed factories, workshops, logistics centers, exhibition halls, sports hall, mining, toll stations, supermarkets.

Gym Lighting Buyers Guide:

When it comes to planning out and purchasing lighting for your gym, you need to pay attention to a few things.

  • Wattage (W)
  • Brightness/Lumens (Lm)
  • Color Of Light (K)
  • Bulb Lifespan
  • Bulb Temperature
  • Wiring Requirements

As things like wattage, lumens, color of light will be explained a little in the next section we will talk a little about the last three items on the list.

First of all, you want to pick a bulb that isn’t going to go every 5 minutes, and this is common with track lighting, incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs. In general, LED is the best option for bulbs you won’t have to change even in the course of several years at a time.

Temperature is another consideration, especially if you plan on placing lights closer together. You need to space hotter bulbs out from each other to help the heat disperse as if you don’t it can become a fire hazard.

Wiring is the biggest hurdle to certain light fixtures, and it’s not advisable to purchase anything where you need to rewire your gym if you don’t know what you’re doing. If this is a situation you find yourself in then you should contact an electrician.

How Many Lumens Are Enough?

Most home gyms usually have one light in the center of the room. The wattage varies, though most are around 100w. This is typically around 1600 lumens with an incandescent bulb, and 1100 lumens with an energy-saving bulb.

To really light up your space you are going to want to achieve around 3000 lumens if you’re sticking with a single central light fitting. If you are looking to add multiple lights to adjust coverage then you’ll want to go with multiple 1000 lumen bulbs.

Light Spacing & Coverage

What you want is an evenly lit gym space and in some cases, you’ll need to think about the spacing of your light fixtures to optimize coverage.

Since the optimal space will mimic natural lighting, ideally you want fixtures that sit overhead just like the sun.

Avoid using lamps unless you have no alternative. Try not to use different types of lighting or different fixtures.

Lastly, make sure that if you do use multiple lights that you space them out evenly so always measure things up first.

Types Of Gym Lighting:

LED Lighting

LED lighting is better for a lot of reasons, but one such reason is that you’ll have a choice in the color temperature. This is great for mimicking natural daylight which provides a better workout by keeping you more awake. In general, you want to select a LED light with a color temperature of 5000k which is often marketed as daylight color to make it easier for your typical layman.

Fluorescent Lighting

Linear fluorescent lighting is a popular choice for stylistic reasons. However you often need multiple, and they are known to flicker and buzz. A great alternative is actually LED wraparound ceiling lights. These look virtually the same but eliminate all the problems you’ll have with fluorescent fixtures.

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent bulbs are the kind you would have been used to seeing around your home. The bulbs are cheap, however, they can be expensive to power. They also have an average lifespan and produce around 1000 lumens per bulb on average.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can use bulbs of different kinds, and as such, it is still a popular choice today with the rise of LEDs. These fixtures are visible as circular holes found in the ceilings of kitchens, bathrooms, and yes gyms. Because they provide light without a visible fixture it’s often a stylistic choice, however, they can also provide extra room in gyms where there isn’t a high ceiling available.

Track Lighting

Track lighting can look awesome, the problem is that it’s more expensive to purchase and can involve the need to rewire. Couple this with the fact that the bulbs will need replacing regularly, they are only a good option if you want form over function.

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