Garage Gym Equipment List

If you’re looking to build a garage gym, or if you’re looking for a list of gym equipment then you’re in luck.

In this article, we’re including the best equipment you can include in your garage gym.

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List Of Garage Gym Equipment Ideas:


Olympic Barbell

an olympic barbell
You need an Olympic Barbell period. This piece of equipment is a must-have even if you primarily workout with dumbbells.

At some point, you’re going to want to use a barbell whether it’s for squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, overhead press… You get the idea.

The movements you can use are numerous and it offers you the ability to lift heavier weights, which is great for progressive overload. Not to mention that bilateral exercise is a must at some point.

My last point is going to be that I used standard barbells for years, and the thicker bar is just more effective for everything from strength training to hypertrophy.


Lateral Pulldown

a lat pulldown system
One of the best pieces of equipment that I can’t live without is some kind of pulley system.

Most often recommended for lat pulldowns these machines are effective for much more.

Tricep Pulldowns or Pushdowns, Face Pulls and if you buy a decent machine or a great power rack then you can do curls or hammer curls with pulley systems as well.


Power Rack

a power rack is an essential piece of garage gym equipment
A power rack is probably the centerpiece of your garage gym equipment.

They come in a huge amount of varieties, from the absolute basic to ones with several accessories such as pull up bars, pulleys and more.

What’s more, you can opt for a half rack if you don’t need something super crazy, and you can still safely do squats and bench with a half rack. This can be particularly useful in your garage if you have a low ceiling height.

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Weight Plates

you should get more weight plates to allow for progression
Weight Plates or ‘Bumper Plates’ are an obvious piece of equipment that you’re going to need.

The only real question is what type and brand you’re going to go for.

I prefer rubber sealed plates for the obvious reasons. They are both more weather resistant and are hardier against heavy knocks.

If you’re going for an Olympic Barbell you’ll be needing 2” plates. As for whether you go for hexagonal or circular, that’s personal preference.

Good brands such as Rogue Fitness provide an assortment of different options. Additionally, you can look at our list of the best home weight sets here.


Heavy-Duty Weight Bench

a good solid and sturdy weight bench
Most of us bench, and if you do it for any length of time you’re going to get pretty strong at this movement.

This is why the heavy duty weight bench is an absolute must. The smaller flimsier versions are targeted at beginners, and these cheap options can often be dangerous due to poor design and not being able to hold a huge amount of weight.

That being said if the room is an issue for you or you simply don’t want to lift that heavy then you’ll be fine to have a more standard bench.

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its always good to have a decent set of dumbbells
A staple for your garage gym should be dumbbells, however, this can quickly get expensive.

One good trick is to buy singular dumbbells and use them as part of a unilateral training program, or day. Then save your bilateral training for your barbell work.

This means you can buy a lot of different dumbbell weights for half the price.

Regardless of whether you like the sound of that, dumbbells should be one of the most important parts of your equipment list.



kettlebells make for an amazing workout
I think there are two kinds of people, those who hate kettlebells and those who love them.

I hate them, I think they’re awkward and boring. Perhaps because they don’t feel as inherently badass and I come from a background where I grew up surrounded by typical meatheads.

Regardless, I’ve used them and they can definitely provide you with a different dimension to your workouts.

I think if you want the best results it’s a great idea to grab some kettlebells.



in our opinion chains are vital for your garage gym
If you like to do dips, chin ups/pull ups, bench, squats or deadlifts then chains are a great investment.

Not only can you add these to movements where you’ve maxed out your weights, but you can also use them to add a different level of tension to your exercise. Regardless of the weight you’re using, or the percentage of your 1rm your working sets are at.


Battle Ropes

battle ropes are great for cardio and conditioning
This particular piece of equipment is amazing if you have the space in your garage gym.

It doesn’t only make for great conditioning, but it’s also good cardio.

Whether you’re working out at home for general fitness, or for bodybuilding the benefits of cardio are numerous and even for better recovery.


Trap Bar

trap bars for deadlifts, shrugs and more
Trap Bars can take up a bit of space, but if you have the room they are amazing for everything from shrugs to deadlift variations.

One of my favorite uses of the trap bar though is for farmers walks, a notoriously difficult conditioning exercise that is used by both strongmen and athletes for strength and conditioning.


Cardio Equipment

a treadmill is a popular piece of cardio equipment
I wanted to include this in the list for reasons already stated, but I didn’t want to recommend one specific machine over another.

Most people who love exercising with weights hate cardio, and that’s because if we loved cardio most of us would have got into exercise by doing that instead.

In general, you will find most people prefer one type of cardio over another.

I prefer stationary bikes or stairmasters, but some people prefer treadmills or cross trainers.

Whatever you like, I think we should all aim to have at least one piece of cardio equipment in our garage gym. Especially if you live in places with very seasonal weather as it’s all too easy to not go outdoors and do the cardio in the Winter months.


Prowler / Sled

sleds and the branded prowlers are intense workouts
Another piece of equipment that is loved by strength coaches for athletes.

If you want to push yourself to the extreme than a sled (prowler is a brand) are up there with the most challenging.

Good brands like the prowler introduced the ability to load weight plates onto the sleds, and this meant that all of a sudden you could progressively overload this type of movement. Making sleds an amazing piece of gym equipment almost overnight.

The Last Rep

If you’re looking for gym equipment ideas for your garage gym then hopefully I’ve done a decent job and given you a few ideas or at least reminded you of some things you might of forgotten about.

Whether your bodybuilding, strength training or generally looking to get in shape, this list will give you the best variety for your workouts.