Best Wrist Wraps Reviewed | 2019 Edition

Invest in wrist wraps to stop you from snapping your shit all over the gym.

Our wrists take a hell of a lot of stress because of all the time under tension they go through when training.

While this isn’t always an issue, once you start training heavier it can become a real issue that your wrists are either holding you back because of their lack of strength, or due to injury and injury susceptibility.

We personally think wrist wraps are a damn godsend and essential piece of gym equipment. If you don’t want to snap your shit, read on and find out the best wrist wraps to keep you training injury free.

Top 5 Best Wrist Wraps Revealed


Stoic Wrist Wraps

Stoic Wrist Wraps Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Cross Training, Bodybuilding with Thumb Loop. Professional Grade for Gym Workout, Men and Women Weight Lifting and Strength Training Black 18 Inch
  • HIGHEST GRADE, HEAVIEST DUTY - Built to outlast other wrist wraps on the market using high grade nylon materials instead of cotton or other cheap materials. Tested to perform in the most extreme conditions. Our wrist wraps are Guaranteed to outperform and out-last even the most expensive wraps on the market.
  • TRUE 18" LENGTH (We don't count the hook and loop like other brands) - This means higher levels of tightness adjustability and more support when you need it compared to shorter wraps. This length is also not too long, making the wrapping process quick and not cumbersome.
  • PROPRIETARY HEAVY DUTY ELASTIC - Gives superior levels of support to immobilize the wrist when necessary; yet can also be wrapped lightly to allow freedom of movement in the wrist joint - while still giving support with less restriction of blood flow when compared to more stretchy wraps. Doesn't turn overly soft or stretchy.
  • BEEFY 1/2" THUMB LOOP & TOP GRADE 2" HOOK and LOOP - Thumb loop lasts longer, doesn't fray and snap. Each wrap has a designated Right & Left hand for symmetrical wrapping. Our top grade hook and loop secures strong, and doesn't pop loose mid set. We double zig-zag stitch our hook and loop, ensuring it doesn't tear from the elastic.
  • 5 STAR EXPERIENCE GUARANTEE - We're confident you'll absolutely love our wrist wraps - or any of our other products! If somehow you aren't 100% satisfied, just contact us!

Stoic have created a real winner here. These wrist wraps are top-quality at a reasonable price.

Thanks to the Nylon materials and the brands own ‘proprietary’ elastic for heavy-duty lifting these wrist wraps are able to handle whatever you throw at them.

Like all good wraps, you can adjust the stoics as needed for your own comfort. If you need to cut off all movement at the wrist you can do it, and likewise, if you just need a little support with some movement you’re going to be able to do it. These are competition friendly if you’re thinking about powerlifting.

Aesthetically these are actually decent to look at unlike some of the other options on this list. So if you care about the way your wrist wraps look then these are a top choice.


Dark Iron Fitness

Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps Bundle for Men and Women - Wraps Weight for a Heavy Powerlifting Grip - Hooks with Padded Support
  • BUILT TO LAST: super heavy duty lifting straps made from high quality and durable suede leather, these straps have reinforced stitching up and down the entire length of the wriststrap so they'll never rip, tear, or fall apart like other straps made of cheap cotton
  • FITS TIGHT AROUND ANY WRIST SIZE: Other lifting straps have too long of neoprene padding which blocks the straps from being able to tighten enough around the wrist. Not ours! These straps tighten and fit tightly all the way snug on any wrist size. Man or Woman
  • DOESN'T HURT WHEN WEARING: Cotton straps have a rough surface that causes pinching or chaffing while deadlifting . Our straps are extremely light weight and soft to the touch so they won't hurt or dig into your wrists when wearing them
  • GRIPS TIGHTER THAN COTTON WEIGHTLIFTING STRAPS: Unlike cotton straps that slip, our suede straps create a stronger and tighter grip. Customers have said our straps are the perfect size and can even be used to lift up to 400lbs
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We're so confident in the quality of our lifting straps, we'll send you a brand new pair at no cost to you if yours ever fail

These come second on our list of the top wrist wraps. Why?

The Dark Iron Fitness Wrist Wraps are made with genuine suede leather, and double-stitched in places to reinforce the stitching – the product claims to last longer than any other wrist wrap. The brand is so confident of this that they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Capable of handling up to 400lbs these wraps are going to be ideal for most lifters, but if you’re planning on deadlifting some heavy weights I’d give them a miss.

The grip is pretty good and they’re nice and comfortable with a half-decent look to them.

Overall we’d give them a 4/5 and with the guarantee, they’re definitely worth the money if you don’t want something that can handle over 400lbs.


Bear Grips II

Bear Grips: II-Band Wrist Wraps, Wrist Support for wods, Weight Lifting, Wrist Brace (American Flag: Red and White Stripes, 12", Pairs: Two Wrist Straps per Pack)
  • VERSATILE: Perfect wrist wraps for Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Cross Fitness, Powerlifting, Cross Training, Gym, workout, WODs and More
  • QUALITY: Premium thumb loop, strong Velcro closure, dual elastics for flexible hold.
  • USE: Wrist support, wrist brace, wrist straps, for workouts. Great weight lifting wrist wraps, Cross Fitness wrist wraps, Powerlifting wrist wraps and weightlifting straps.
  • OUR PROMISE: 60 DAYS WARRANTY ON ALL PRODUCTS. We want you to be 100% SATISFIED with our product quality, function, and durability. Our customer service team is available 24/7 - 7 days a week for any questions, comments or concerns. So ease your mind and stop training like a human and start training like a Bear!

If you have wrist issues then Bear Grips are going to be one of the best options for you, and this is why we put them in 3rd place on our list.

With a dedicated thumb loop that helps keep everything positioned properly, it’s a great option for those who want something different. The thumb loop also helps provide extra support.

These wraps also have an extra velcro section to help keep everything in place. While this is sometimes a negative with some wrist wraps, it’s actually a plus here due to the way the thumb loop works.

For anyone with carpal tunnel or niggling injuries I highly recommend them.


DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps

DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps - Premium Quality, Strong Fastening Straps, Thumb Loops - Maximize Your Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strength Training & Crossfit
  • INCREASE STRENGTH & TECHNIQUES - Improve your weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, MMA and CrossFit techniques with secure, comfort-fit wrist wraps. Support and strengthen your wrist to prevent sudden twists & Enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines at the gym.
  • IMPROVED LONG-TERM STABILITY - Traditional wrist wraps start ripping and breaking down due to weight and use. However, our wrist wraps boast a wide fastening straps design, double stitching and a Super Heavy Duty material to reduce stress, wear and tear. 10X BETTER QUALITY THAN THE SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL GRADE WRIST WRAPS!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Our motto is "Give them Quality. That's the best kind of advertising". We want happy & satisfied, that's why we're giving you a full refund or replacement for life to ensure premium craftsmanship although we are always happy to resolve whichever problem occurs.
  • COMFORT FIT ADJUSTABILITY - These fully adjustable wrist wraps boast a secure, high-grade polyester and fastening strap to give you premier comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights. Just put them on and adjust to desired fit. Fits both Men & Women
  • QUALITY WITH ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - You won't find stylish Wrist Wraps like these anywhere else! It's a sleek, modern choice of wrist wraps for men and women alike! and Relax! These wraps are 100% safe, for you and for the environment.

The DMoose Fitness Wrist Wraps try to do everything that all of the above wrist wraps do well.

The result is a very good wrist wrap that only misses out on the top 3 positions in this list because of the obvious… If you want to include all the features and still compete on price, the quality of the materials has to be lowered.

So while this wrist wrap is fantastic for most people. It’s not the best for those who need a specific solution to a specific problem (as we have shown in the above choices).

That being said the soft cotton and polyester material doesn’t feel bad at all, and due to them also providing a thumb loop it still feel very secure.


Rip Toned Wraps

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps 18" Professional Grade with Thumb Loops - Wrist Support Braces for Men & Women - Weight Lifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Strength Training - Bonus Ebook (Black Stiff)
  • STABILIZE YOUR WRISTS & LIFT MORE WEIGHT OR WE'LL SEND YOUR MONEY BACK! - If you don't love your wrist wraps, return them. Order now and try them risk free. You'll literally wonder how you ever worked out without them. These high performance straps provide wrist support and stability for weightlifters, Crossfit, MMA, Powerlifting, push ups, planks ,burpees & strength training. Boost your workout performance for more challenging advanced lifts and gym routines.
  • BEST HEAVY DUTY 18" ELASTIC WRIST WRAP (PAIR) Only weightlifting wraps endorsed by 2014 World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss & As Seen on CBS, FOX, NBC & ABC! Eliminate failed lifts & protect your wrist joints from injury during heavy or max lifts. The top grade wraps with premium stitching & high end durable extra wide velcro are fully adjustable & machine washable. The wraps ROCK it for any pressing movements & overhead lifts. Buy 2... 1 For You & 1 For Your Work Out Partner.
  • IMPORTANT - STIFF VERSION are for heavy lifting with little flexibility. MEDIUM STIFF VERSION provide good support, are more comfortable & allows wrist flexibility.** Hit new PR's in shrugs, bench press, cleans, jerks, overhead or shoulder press & great for yoga, body weight exercise & manual labor. Rip Toned wrist protectors help eliminate pain & discomfort by securing the wrist in a neutral position. Buy 2... One For You and One For Your Work Out Partner.
  • YOUR WRIST PAIN IS HOLDING YOU BACK! HIT YOUR FITNESS GOALS FASTER - Order yours; The strong reinforced thumb loops keep the wrap in place on your hand and wrist no matter the lift. So whether you're recovering from an injury or pushing yourself to the limit, the wraps will brace your wrists and protect them from further injury. A set of Rip Toned wraps is an essential fitness accessory. You'll wonder how you ever worked out without them.
  • WANT TO QUICKLY & SAFELY IMPROVE YOUR LIFTS & MAXIMIZE YOUR GAINS? -With your new set of wraps, you'll throw up the most reps with the most weight of your life! Build strength evenly and optimum muscle appearance. These wraps are easy to apply or remove during exercise, although they are fairly stiff they remain comfortable. Best wrist wraps on Amazon. Order now & receive in a follow up email a Free Exclusive Bonus Report.

The Rip Toned Wrist Wraps are probably best known for their ‘stiff’ option. The stiff option has been considered as one of the best stiff wrist wraps for several years.

Offering intense support for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and powerbuilding it’s a great idea to grab these if your goal is to lift more weight with wrist wraps. If you want support from an old injury then some of us prefer a stiffer support as well in which case – get these.

Then there is the medium-stiff version which isn’t as well known but is certainly still a good choice. I’d probably opt for something else on this list if you weren’t interested in this brand for their more famous option.

The Final Rep

It’s hard to pick just five wrist wraps, but we think we’ve found the best overall and for specific situations.


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